Private home owner
West Pennant Hills, NSW
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Slope stability analysis.

Project challenges

The site is located at the bottom of a well-known landslide, which, like many other similar slides in this area, is activated by elevation of groundwater pressures. The site is a small part of a larger landslide so a a shoring wall on the high side was proposed to protect the new residence. But the structural engineer needed to be confident the wall would withstand any movements and forces generated by the landslide, so further analysis was required.

Our solutions

JK Geotechnics completed three-dimensional finite element modelling using computer software, Plaxis 3D, to simulate the behaviour of the retention system in the event of global landslide movement and to assess the shoring wall’s suitability. A landslide event was represented by modelling a slip surface and then raising the groundwater level until the landslide reached a critical state, resulting in large movements. The structural designs were then detailed to reflect the results of our modelling. To allow for the modelling, a detailed geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation was undertaken on the site, including a review of historical information.