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The JK100LB

By 20/05/2018January 24th, 2020No Comments

The JK team were faced with the challenge of drilling  boreholes to a depth of 19m inside a basement with 2.2m of headroom.  As necessity is the mother of invention the solution was to update and re-furbish some old drilling equipment  to meet the challenge.  Our maestro of the angle grinder and welding torch, Leon Bacewicz, set to work to adapt the equipment and all of the attachments.  Masts were cut, chains were shortened and special casing adaptors were created during a week of intensive activity in our workshop.   Did it do the job ? Of course – the custom built  equipment was used to successfully drill three 19m boreholes in 4 days!  We are so pleased with the rig we have named it after its maker – the JK100LB.