JK Group is Re-branding – January 2019

  JK Group is re-branding! The re-branding includes a name-change for EIS who will commence trading as JK Environments in 2019, and for our drilling services division (Soilcheck) who will commence trading as JK Drilling. It will be ‘business as usual’ for JK Geotechnics and for STS. Over the coming months, you may start to notice some changes in the appearance of our reports, logos and website. We look forward to bringing you further updates in the near future.    

CEnvP SC Specialist – July 2018

    Brendan Page, a Senior Associate Environmental Scientists with EIS, has recently transitioned from the former certified practitioners scheme administered by Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCPA) to the scheme run by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ). Brendan is now a Certified Environmental Practitioner, Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP SC Specialist).   The NSW EPA requires all reports submitted to them for compliance with the requirements of the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 to be prepared by, or reviewed and approved by,  a consultant certified under one of the approved schemes. In recent times, EIS have also seen numerous local Councils specifying that environmental reports accompanying development applications (and those required to address statutory development consent conditions) prepared/approved by certified practitioners.   For further information please contact Brendan Page in EIS.  

The JK100LB – May 2018

    The JK team were faced with the challenge of drilling  boreholes to a depth of 19m inside a basement with 2.2m of headroom.  As necessity is the mother of invention the solution was to update and re-furbish some old drilling equipment  to meet the challenge.  Our maestro of the angle grinder and welding torch, Leon Bacewicz, set to work to adapt the equipment and all of the attachments.  Masts were cut, chains were shortened and special casing adaptors were created during a week of intensive activity in our workshop.   Did it do the job ? Of course – the custom built  equipment was used to successfully drill three 19m boreholes in 4 days!  We are so pleased with the rig we have named it after its maker – the JK100LB.  

New Inclinometer Probe – November 2016

JK Geotechnics recently purchased a new Slope Indicator Digitilt AT Inclinometer System. This new lightweight, compact system will complement our current Slope Indicator inclinometer and will be used to access tight spaces on construction sites. it will also be easier to transport the new compact equipment on planes for our remote monitoring projects.

ACU Guest Lecturer – October 2016

Environmental Investigation Services, Senior Environmental Scientist, Mitch Delaney was recently invited as a guest lecturer to final year Environmental Science students at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) where he had formerly been an undergraduate student 10 years ago. Mitch delivered a number of lectures and tutorials relating to a lecture series on Contaminated Land as part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment module (ENVR303). Mitch said “It was a great experience to give back to ACU after completing the same course as part of my degree a number of years ago. I’m looking forward to next year.”

Landfill Gas Analyser – September 2016

As a result of a large increase in Hazardous Ground Gas/landfill gas enquiries EIS have recently purchased a portable gas analyser. The GFM436 measures common Hazardous Ground Gases (eg. landfill associated gases) including methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. Atmospheric pressure and gas flow rates can also be measured using the GFM 436. Hazardous Ground Gas measurements during low pressure atmospheric events are one of the critical steps in a Hazardous Ground Gas monitoring program. They are relatively infrequent, short-lived and can occur at short notice, consequently leasing a rental unit and having it delivered on time can be a problem. The main advantage of owning the GFM 436 gas analyser is that we can now respond to low pressure atmospheric events at very short notice and the costs savings of owning the GFM 436 can be passed onto the client.

Junior Cyclist Sponsorship – August 2016

JK Geotechnics are proud to announce that they are a Silver Jersey Sponsor for Junior Cyclist, a development squad for young cyclists in inner west Sydney.

JK Geotechnics Prize – 5 July 2016

On 9 June 2016, our Senior Associate level Geotechnical Engineer, Adrian Hulskamp, presented the 2016 JK Geotechnics prize to UNSW student, Monica Laut. The prize was awarded at UNSW for the best performance in CVEN2201/CVEN3202 Soil Mechanics in the Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering BE programs.  JK Geotechnics wish Monica all the best for her future.

Seismic Dilatometer

JK Geotechnics have recently purchased a seismic dilatometer (SDMT), significantly expanding our in-situ soil testing capabilities. Suitable for use for either standalone testing, pushed in with our EFCP rig, or within a borehole, the SDMT allows for testing of the deformation properties of the soil…

Pile Integrity Testing

We now have the capability to complete Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) to assist clients with quality checking of newly installed piles and to investigate of the pile depth and integrity of existing piles. In collaboration with one of Australia’s leading specialist pile testing consultants, we complete…

JK205 Track Mounted Rig – Compact Yet Durable

We recently added to our fleet of drilling rigs with the JK205 track mounted rig. With access to sites becoming increasingly restricted this rig can access many sites that larger rigs cannot. It is only 1.4m wide and 2.1m high, but can still complete all the functions of larger rigs, such as auger drilling,…

2nd Year UNSW Student Awarded By JK Geotechnics

This year’s recipient of the JK Geotechnics prize at UNSW was Ms Nurinda Suastha. Nurinda was presented the award for first place in the 2nd year geotechnical engineering major subject. JK Geotechnics have presented the prize for more than 20 years in recognition of outstanding work in geotechnical…