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Meet Grizzly – Our New CPT Rig

Meet Grizzly………not the guy with the beard, that’s Bruce, Grizzly’s friendly operator. Grizzly recently arrived to JK Drilling headquarters from the Netherlands in early 2023 and these two have been inseparable since.

Grizzly is capable of undertaking standard and piezocone penetration testing (CPT/ CPTU), dissipation tests, flat-plate dilatometer testing (DMT), seismic flat-plate dilatometer testing (SDMT) and discrete undisturbed soil sampling at depth. Grizzly is also fitted with a 6×6 drive train with differential locks and an in cab, automatic tyre inflation/deflation system for travel on soft or sloped surface.

Grizzly has been working hard on JK Group projects and is also available for external hire. Contact JK Drilling for more information.