Sutherland, NSW

Detailed site investigation (contamination investigation), including:

  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Preparation of remediation action plan (RAP)

Project challenges

The site was occupied by a number of commercial and retail tenancies which limited site access. Underground fuel storage tanks (USTs) were located at the site, however details regarding the precise number of USTs and their exact locations were not available. Access to the areas around the USTs was also constrained by the existing buildings and structures.

Previous investigations undertaken at the site by others were not considered by Sutherland Shire Council to be sufficient to support the Development Application. On this basis, Sutherland Shire Council requested further investigation and a report prepared by a Certified Environmental Practitioner, Site Contamination specialist (CEnvP SC).

Our solutions

JKE’s CEnvP SC specialist consulted with Sutherland Shire Council representatives during a site meeting and subsequently implemented an appropriate investigation plan to gather sufficient data to assess the contamination risks and facilitate the preparation of a RAP. The investigation was carried out using a variety of equipment (provided by our in-house drilling division, JK Drilling) that was suitable for accessing tight spaces. The work was undertaken following consultation with the tenants in order to minimise disruption.

JKE designed the investigation to utilise several existing groundwater monitoring wells that were installed previously at the site (by others) in order to reduce the overall cost of the investigation.

The remediation strategy proposed the removal of the USTs, followed by appropriate validation of the site to demonstrate that the remediation was success. The RAP also included a robust validation plan to address minor data gaps that remained due to the site access limitations during the investigation, and this was accepted by council.