Taylor Construction
St Ives, NSW
  • Contamination assessment
  • Remediation, validation and management of lead arsenate.

Project challenges

The proposed retirement village was located on a former nursery site that had been impacted by lead, arsenic and asbestos contamination. Both the lead and arsenic had leached into the natural soil, making dig-and-dump-style remediation prohibitively expensive.

Our solutions

JK Environments designed and supervised construction of a containment cell beneath one of the proposed buildings to house the contaminated soil. The cell was lined with 1.5mm-thick HDPE, which was fully welded to create a ‘tanked’ cell. Bentonite was used beneath the HDPE at specific locations to seal the base of the cell around piles and the HDPE was wrapped around the top of the cell to overlap with the building floor slab. The project was audited by a NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)-accredited site auditor.