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Landfill Gas Analyser

By 02/09/2016 January 24th, 2020 No Comments

As a result of a large increase in Hazardous Ground Gas/landfill gas enquiries EIS have recently purchased a portable gas analyser. The GFM436 measures common Hazardous Ground Gases (eg. landfill associated gases) including methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. Atmospheric pressure and gas flow rates can also be measured using the GFM 436.

Hazardous Ground Gas measurements during low pressure atmospheric events are one of the critical steps in a Hazardous Ground Gas monitoring program. They are relatively infrequent, short-lived and can occur at short notice, consequently leasing a rental unit and having it delivered on time can be a problem. The main advantage of owning the GFM 436 gas analyser is that we can now respond to low pressure atmospheric events at very short notice and the costs savings of owning the GFM 436 can be passed onto the client.