Arndell Park, NSW
  • Soil and groundwater contamination assessment
  • Salinity assessment
  • Remediation/validation

Project challenges

The project was proposed on a 70,000m2 semi-rural site with a history of uncontrolled filling. There was also a salinity risk. The site was largely overgrown with weeds and grasses and a creek line ran through it.

Our solutions

Investigations were completed over several stages to optimise the data collection. Some of the work was undertaken concurrently with JK Geotechnics to minimise costs and maximise the use of the drilling equipment.

The site was impacted by asbestos as a result of former building demolition and uncontrolled filling. JKE prepared a remediation action plan (RAP), which included a proposal to cap and contain the asbestos in purpose-built containment areas. This was far more cost effective than excavating the soil and sending it to landfill. The site was successfully remediated. JKE validated the remediation process and produced the site validation report, which was a statutory requirement of the development approval.

The site was also impacted by saline soils in the areas adjacent to the creek. We prepared a salinity management plan for earthworks, imported materials, soil and groundwater