SoilCheck – Drill Rig Services

SoilCheck – Drill Rig Services

SoilCheck operates a fleet of seven rotary hydraulic drill rigs, an Ezi-Probe (push-tube) rig, an Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) rig and portable coring equipment (Melvelle). Our drill rigs are used on a daily basis by JK Geotechnics and Environmental Investigation Services (EIS) to complete their geotechnical and environmental site investigations. Our drilling capabilities are also available for external hire.

The Drill Rig and other Site investigation Equipment suitable for Your Project

When your site investigation requires drill rig services we can provide the most suitable equipment.

Our fleet of two truck mounted drill rigs (JK350 and JK500) and our five track mounted drill rigs (JK205, JK250, JK300, JK305, JK308) are available for site investigation operations on both land and water. Our services include:

  • Solid flight augering
  • Hollow flight augering
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Undisturbed tube sampling
  • Diamond Coring (TT56, NMLC and HQ sizes)
  • Down hole hammer and casing advancer systems
  • Wash boring and mud drilling
  • Single stage packer testing
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Installation of inclinometer casing

Our Ezi-Probe push-tube rig services include:

  • Provides continuous samples in clear plastic tubes to a maximum depth of 15m.
  • Rig also has an auger facility enabling larger samples to be collected and groundwater monitoring wells to be installed.

Our CPT services include:

  • Continuously pushing a testing probe with a 44mm diameter conical tip into the soil profile. Measurements of the end resistance of the cone tip and the frictional resistance of a separate 165mm long sleeve located directly behind the cone are made during the testing. The subsurface material identification, including material strength/density, is by interpretation of the test results using empirical correlations.
  • Operating depth is currently up to 50m depth.
  • Standard and piezocone tips available.
  • Dissipation testing.

Additional In-situ field testing equipment.

  • Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) for measuring in-situ soil earth pressure, soil behaviour type and constrained modulus. Suitable for testing both within rig drilled boreholes and using our CPT rig.
  • Borehole vane shear test equipment for measuring the undrained shear strength of soft clays to depths in excess of 11m is available.
  • Plate bearing tests.

Please refer to our drill rig and other site investigation equipment specification sheets for specific dimensions of each drill rig, float truck and other equipment.

Restricted or Limited site access

Do you require a site investigation on a steep slope or inside a building? We have the solutions. SoilCheck operates a mini tracked drill rig (JK205) as well as two sets of portable hydraulic coring equipment (Melvelle) capable of operating within sites of restricted or limited access.

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