Whether you are building a new development or assessing an existing property you have to be reassured that your asset is protected against the potential risks posed by your location’s geological and environmental factors.

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Who We Are
JK Group – Who We Are Since our establishment in 1976, as Jeffery and Katauskas Pty. Ltd. It has been our goal to help individuals, developers, architects, structural and civil engineers, local and state government bodies identify potential geotechnical and environmental problems. The JK Group is a proudly employee owned

Meet Our Management Team Download CV Paul Stubbs A Principal of JK Group since 1989, Paul’s experience as a geotechnical engineer and engineering geologist spans over 30 years and seven countries. By far the longest period has been working in the Sydney region with JK Geotechnics. Paul’s background includes a

Careers & Training
Careers with the JK Group Are you searching for something more than a pay-check? Always looking for the opportunity to truly test your knowledge and expertise and see it make a real, positive difference in the world? If you are interested in this rewarding career path working consider the JK

Markets We Service
Providing Comprehensive Services across Industries Are you developing on reclaimed industrial land? Does your development lie close to rail or RMS assets? Are you building in a potential acid sulfate soil area, on a steep hillside that may have landslip problems or simply trying to comply with Council DA submission

Residential Site Investigations – Establish a Home to Last a Lifetime Whether you’re building a new home, improving an existing home or constructing an apartment building, you need to have the confidence that any potential geotechnical and environmental hazards are identified and managed. Site Investigations Help to Build Durable Homes

Geotechnical Engineers & Environmental Scientists for Commercial & Industrial Developments We understand that commercial and industrial developments vary in complexity. Each having its own unique requirements dependant on location, purpose and scale. Since our formation in 1976, a large proportion of our projects have included these types of developments. Whether

Investigations for Infrastructure Including Pavement Design No matter what the scale of infrastructure, it is very important these projects meet regulatory requirements during design and construction and continue to be dependable throughout their operational lives, offering quality and reliable utility for years to come. With experience providing geotechnical engineering and

Comprehensive Geotechnical Construction Site Investigations Construction projects of all scales need to be built on solid foundations to not only meet industrial or residential building regulations, but stand proud for decades to come. Our geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting services, site investigations and soil testing are available in an advisory capacity

Geotechnical Engineering & Environmental Opinions for Legal Disputes & Insurance Claims Do you have a cracked building, damage believed to be caused from a neighbouring development, property boundary issues associated with retaining wall collapse, contractual claims, or contamination issues? Our highly qualified and experienced senior staff are available to assist

Council and Government
Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Services for Public Assets We understand the unique requirements of Government, Council and Education developments, which not only need to meet the usual regulations and development guidelines but also need to stand up to scrutiny, be it regarding risk, utility, or use of taxpayer funds. We

Our Group
Our Group Does your development require professional geotechnical engineering and environmental advice to meet regulations for approval? We are familiar with the current industry regulator framework and reporting requirements for Councils within the wider Sydney metropolitan area. Our services help identify potential constraints that could otherwise cause costly redesigns and

JK Geotechnics
JK Geotechnics – Geotechnical Engineering Expertise You can Rely on JK Geotechnics has a reputation for high quality performance in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. We offer value for money and strive to exceed client’s expectations with our specialist advice. Working with our in-house SoilCheck drill rigs and Soil Test

Contamination Reports and Environmental Site Investigation Services Need to comply with the relevant environmental standards and Council Development Approval processes? Our range of environmental services are available to help: Contamination reports for land and groundwater Acid Sulfate Soils assessment and remediation Salinity assessments Hazardous Building Material surveys (asbestos, lead paints,

Soil Testing Services STS is a NATA registered laboratory that undertakes a comprehensive range of earthworks, pavement material, rock and soil testing services. Our in house testing laboratory means that laboratory test results can be provided with a fast turnaround for both STS clients and JK Groups geotechnical engineers. STS

SoilCheck – Drill Rig Services SoilCheck operates a fleet of seven rotary hydraulic drill rigs, an Ezi-Probe (push-tube) rig, an Electric Friction Cone Penetrometer (EFCP) rig and portable coring equipment (Melvelle). Our drill rigs are used on a daily basis by JK Geotechnics and Environmental Investigation Services (EIS) to complete

Our Clients
Recent Client Portfolio JK Group has provided services to a diverse client base ranging from individual home owners, developers, architects, structural and civil engineers, local and state government bodies. Examples of recent clients include: If you would like to engage our services, contact us now. Call on (02) 9888 5000

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