Residential Site Investigations – Establish a Home to Last a Lifetime


Whether you’re building a new home, improving an existing home or constructing an apartment building, you need to have the confidence that any potential geotechnical and environmental hazards are identified and managed.


Site Investigations Help to Build Durable Homes

Our geotechnical site investigations are available to give you this peace of mind, protecting your development as an investment or a home. Our advice may cover issues, such as:

  • Foundation Recommendations: we’ll consider your site’s subsurface conditions to recommend appropriate foundation advice for your development. We can design an investigation for reliable advice on site classifications to AS2870 (Residential Slabs and Footings).
  • Excavation Methodology: we can assess your site’s subsurface conditions and recommend appropriate soil and rock excavation methods
  • Retention: our advice will identify the appropriate temporary or permanent retention systems to both make the construction site and your development stable.
  • Slope Stability Issues: our stability assessments are vital when building on steep slopes. Whether they’re located in coastal foreshore settings, bushland or near creeks and other landslide risk areas. Our assessment methods will help identify hazards and management measures. We have a long history providing advice in the Pittwater Council area, as well as landslide affected areas in the Baulkham Hills Shire Council area and addressing stability assessment requirements for Manly, Warringah, Wollongong, Gosford and other Council areas

Protect Your Home from Environmental Risks and Hazardous Materials

Building a new residence in Australia comes with several potential risks you need protect yourself from. We perform site investigations to identify:


  • Contaminated Land and Groundwater Contamination is not only associated with former industrial land uses. It may be associated with material that was placed on the site prior to construction or migrating onto your site from an adjacent property. Our site investigations help identify these issues and our contamination reports provide solutions.
  • Hazardous Building Materials Historical constructions used hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint. Before undertaking demolition of an old property you need to identify these materials. Our Hazmat Surveys provide assessments to identify and advise on removal of these materials in accordance with legislation and regulation guidelines.
  • Salinity A major issue for developments in Western Sydney is urban salinity. Rising water tables transport saline water to the near surface soil, causing damage to properties. Our assessments help prepare management plans and allow long-term monitoring, helping control damage.
  • Acid Sulfate Soil The marine muds and sands of Australia can often include naturally occurring acid sulfate soils. When exposed to air this produces sulfuric acid, posing risks to property and adjacent water ways. Our environmental site investigations can assess risks and provide management plans for acid sulfate soils.

Protect Your Development Today

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