Geotechnical Engineering & Environmental Opinions for Legal Disputes & Insurance Claims


Do you have a cracked building, damage believed to be caused from a neighbouring development, property boundary issues associated with retaining wall collapse, contractual claims, or contamination issues?

Our highly qualified and experienced senior staff are available to assist with expert geotechnical engineering and environmental advice. We can complete forensic site investigations and provide expert reports on:

  • Excavation and retention impacts to adjacent buildings.
  • Pavement failures, design and remediation.
  • Cliff instability and stability remediation measures.
  • Landslide risks, causes and remediation measures.
  • Building defects relating to construction design and shrink-swell soils.
  • Contamination reports for hazardous construction materials, soil and groundwater pollution.
  • Damage to sewers, stormwater pipes.


Geotechnical Engineers and Environmental Scientists as Expert Witnesses

When you have a legal dispute requiring expert testimony or verification, our highly qualified experts are ready to assist. Our senior staff are capable of providing credible opinions on complex geotechnical and environmental issues as expert witnesses. We can identify latent conditions for negligence claims and assessments for the assumption of risk for soil and subsurface risks and conditions.

When you need an expert witness or credible, qualified testimony for geotechnical and environmental matters contact us on (02) 9888 5000 or enquire online


Forensic Site Investigation Services for Insurance Claims

Have an insurance claim requiring geotechnical advice to resolve? Our geotechnical forensic services and expert knowledge is here to help. Our qualified senior staff and testing laboratories are the preferred providers for Vero Insurance regarding building damage claims. We have the experience and capability to provide expert investigative services for you, either as an insurance company or a claims assessor.

For forensic site investigation services and qualified geotechnical engineering opinions contact us on (02) 9888 5000 or enquire online.