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JK Geotechnics has a reputation for high quality performance in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. We offer value for money and strive to exceed client’s expectations with our specialist advice.

Working with our in-house SoilCheck drill rigs and Soil Test Services we will utilise our resources to provide:


  • Site Investigations – Comprehensive site investigations for small, larger and/or more complex developments, deep basements, subdivisions, landslips and damaged structures.
  • Foundations – Advice on the appropriate footing solution for your development.
  • Excavation retention – Advice that will identify the appropriate temporary or permanent retention systems to both make the construction site and your development stable.
  • Slope Stability and Landslide Risk Assessments – Stability assessments that are essential when building on steep slopes be they in coastal foreshore settings, creeks, bushland and other potential landslide areas. Our assessment methods will help identify hazards and appropriate stabilisation and landslide risk management measures.
  • Coastal hazard definition studies – Complete coastal hazard definition studies. We have a track record of working with coastal engineers preparing similar studies for Sydney local government foreshores areas, boardwalk infrastructure and seawalls.
  • Dam and Levee design and Assessment – Geotechnical engineering and engineering geological services for the design of embankment dams, detention basins and levees. Working knowledge of ANCOLD and NSW Dams Safety Committee guidelines. Forensic investigations into leaking embankments.
  • Groundwater investigations and monitoring – Installation and monitoring of groundwater wells, groundwater quality testing and disposal requirements to meet DPI Water guidelines.
  • Computer Modelling – Using our range of finite element and other software analysis programs we can assess retention and shoring designs, deflections associated with basement or tunnel excavations, slope stability, excavation dewatering, pavement layer thickness design, high level footings, piles and raft slab designs.
  • Integrated geotechnical and environmental site investigations – JK Geotechnics and EIS can provide a cost effective site investigation package.

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