ITE Broadway

ITE Broadway

Project: Information Technology and Engineering (ITE) Building, Broadway, Ultimo

Client: University of Technology, Sydney

The ITE Building includes teaching, learning and research facilities for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The twelve storey ITE Building was constructed over four basement levels and required excavations to a maximum depth of approximately 23m. The building is located adjacent to the current CB10 building within the UTS campus.

JK Geotechnics completed a comprehensive geotechnical investigation including a number of cored boreholes. JK Geotechnics were also heavily involved in the construction stage of the project. This included witnessing installation of shoring piles, drilling of temporary ground anchor holes and stress testing temporary ground anchors. We also carried out regular inspection of rock excavation faces including detailing rock face stabilisation measures. Our SoilCheck staff diamond core drilled boreholes using our portable Melvelle coring equipment at approximately 50% of the proposed footing locations to confirm the adopted high allowable bearing pressure for the sandstone bedrock.

Key constraints to the development were the possible future presence of a twin railway tunnel and the presence of the existing Transgrid tunnel. JK Geotechnics completed two dimensional finite element modelling to assess the potential impacts of the proposed development on these existing and proposed tunnels and the potential impact of the proposed tunnel on the ITE Building.

EIS originally undertook a Phase 1 desktop assessment for the entire UTS precinct that identified potential underground storage tanks (UST) at the proposed ITE site. A Phase 2 assessment for the ITE site was subsequently undertaken that included soil / groundwater testing and a ground penetrating Radar (GPR) survey that confirmed the UST locations.