Council and Government

Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Services for Public Assets


We understand the unique requirements of Government, Council and Education developments, which not only need to meet the usual regulations and development guidelines but also need to stand up to scrutiny, be it regarding risk, utility, or use of taxpayer funds.

We have experience providing geotechnical and environmental services for every level of Government and all types of public asset including:

  • Hospitals
  • Defence Assets
  • Emergency services facilities
  • University and school facilities
  • Public walkways within coastal, parkland and urban settings
  • Public car parks
  • Sports ovals and facilities
  • Seawalls
  • Amenities blocks


Supervision, Monitoring and Advisory Geotechnical Engineering Services

We provide quality, cost effective services from preliminary site investigations through supervision of the construction process and long-term monitoring programs. Thereby providing appropriate management and protection of these public assets for your constituents.

Whether you are undertaking major redevelopments to public assets, need to identify landslide risk hazards or assess the ongoing integrity of public walkways, JK Geotechnics can tailor the geotechnical engineering solution you need and work with you to provide relevant advice and guidance on:

  • Landslide risk management strategies.
  • Seawall repair strategies.
  • Design of stabilisation measures for cliff face instability.
  • Acid sulfate soils, and preparation of acid sulfate soil management plans.
  • Soil salinity in Western Sydney.


Contamination Reports and Remedial Action Plans

We will identify risk factors for contamination issues. When contamination is present, particularly on old industrial sites, we provide Remedial Action Plans that meet NSW EPA requirements. We can also provide advice on issues involving:

  • Excavation and disposal of contaminated materials.
  • Whether your site may be at risk from saline or acid sulfate soil.
  • Monitoring of landfill gas.
  • Hazardous building materials, including asbestos.

Get in Touch

As a Council or Government body do you need to perform due diligence for the redevelopment of an existing asset or the construction of a new asset? Contact us on (02) 9888 5000 or enquire online, we can help you to identify and manage your potential geotechnical and contamination issues.