EIS – Contamination Reports and Environmental Site Investigation Services

 Environmental Investigation Services

Need to comply with the relevant environmental standards and Council Development Approval processes? Our range of environmental services are available to help:

  • Contamination reports for land and groundwater
  • Acid Sulfate Soils assessment and remediation
  • Salinity assessments
  • Hazardous Building Material surveys (asbestos, lead paints, etc.)
  • Waste classification for off-site disposal of soil
  • Measurement of landfill gas


Contamination Reporting – Soil and Groundwater Investigations

Contamination issues often come to light when a property changes ownership and the initial site investigation is undertaken. Especially with new developments where the site’s use has changed from industrial to residential.

We can help assess risks to human health, allowing you to comply with Council requirements and EPA guidelines. Our contamination reports can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and can include:

  • Stage 1 assessments to identify the potential risks of contamination.
  • Stage 2 site investigations for detailed soil and groundwater assessments, satisfying the requirements of an independent contaminated site audit.
  • Site investigations addressing specific environmental issues.
  • Installation of monitoring wells and groundwater monitoring wells for Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) Regulation 2014.
  • Waste classification for offsite disposal of soil.
  • Assessment for landfill gas.

Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations

Low lying areas of Sydney, including mangrove areas, are often affected by acid sulfate soils. These naturally occurring soils have a significant impact on development and construction. When exposed to air they can react and release sulfuric acid. EIS undertake examinations into the presence of acid sulfate soils and offer advice on their excavation and treatment.

Salinity Assessments

Urban salinity, caused by rising groundwater bringing salt into surface soils, can lead to significant property damage. Common problems include deterioration of bricks and mortar, corrosion of metal, deformation of foundations and degradation of road bases. If you suspect your site is affected, EIS can conduct site investigations and prepare management plans for all sites, large and small.

Acid Sulfate Soils Services

Hazardous Building Materials Inspections

Refitting or redeveloping an old building can be a hazardous proposition with historic use of asbestos, lead paint and PCBs posing significant risks. If you have an old property under development needing due diligence or Council approval, our Hazardous Building Materials inspections can assess a site prior to refurbishment or demolition.

Waste classifications

Off-site disposal of soil can be one of the most expensive pre-construction items for your project. Contact EIS for advice and soil testing.

Landfill Gas

Old landfills often continue generating landfill gas for years after closure. Developments that are on or near to old landfills could be at risk of the potentially explosive consequences of landfill gas accumulating in voids in the building. EIS can explore and advise on management.

Require Contamination Reports and Management Plans for a Site?

Do you need a contamination report to comply with your Development Application? Require an assessment for damage caused by salinity or acid sulfate soils? Call us on (02) 9888 5000 or enquire online.