Geotechnical Engineers & Environmental Scientists for Commercial & Industrial Developments


We understand that commercial and industrial developments vary in complexity. Each having its own unique requirements dependant on location, purpose and scale. Since our formation in 1976, a large proportion of our projects have included these types of developments.

Whether your development requires cut-to-fill earthworks, is situated over an old landfill, backfilled quarry or includes settlement sensitive equipment, we have the geotechnical and environmental capability to meet your needs.


Our Commercial and Industrial Developments Expertise

Our geotechnical and environmental services and site investigation capabilities can be tailored to the scope of your development. We will provide the combination of services necessary to help you identify problematic site conditions and provide solutions to the problems, so that you can meet regulatory guidelines and build cost effectively. Our advice may cover:

  • Foundation Recommendations: our geotechnical engineers will analyse the results of our site investigation to provide appropriate foundation design advice. We have extensive experience in the design of new footings as well as the assessment of existing footings for building refurbishments and additions.
  • Excavation Methodology: we can recommend appropriate soil and rock excavation methods and advise on vibration emission goals. Our contamination reports can provide recommendations on the appropriate waste classification for your excavated material and estimate approximate volumes for offsite disposal.
  • Batter Slopes and Retention: our wide ranging experience in geotechnical engineering enables us to provide cost effective, practical and innovative retention systems. We can also undertake sophisticated computer retention analysis.
  • Floor Slab and Pavement Design: we can provide pavement layer thickness design advice. Our services include computer based slab and pavement design.


  • Earthworks and Soil Testing: We can provide advice on site and subgrade preparation, engineered fill, compaction control requirements in accordance with AS3798 (Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments). Our NATA registered Soil Test Services laboratory provides in-house geotechnical soil testing, and their field technicians are also available for Level 1 and 2 control of site earthworks.
  • Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Site investigations for soil and groundwater contamination reports can be tailored to meet the requirements and conditions of your Development Application.
  • Hazardous Building Materials: Prior to demolition we can survey your building for Hazardous Building Materials and advise on their management
  • Waste Classification of Soil for Off-site Disposal: We can assign the correct waste classification to your excavated soil to help you meet your legal obligations with regard to disposal.
  • Acid Sulfate Soil and Soil Salinity: Our site investigations can identify whether your development may be affected by acid sulfate soils or salinity.

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No matter the size of your development, JK Group offers the full suite of geotechnical engineering and environmental services to meet your needs. For more information about the services we provide, contact us on (02) 9888 5000 or enquire online.